We’re Michelle and Sam, and we like to tell stories.  We also like to listen to stories.  So we’ve started a story-telling group in the Syracuse Area, and we look forward to hearing YOUR stories at future events!

It goes something like this: a story slam is a competition based on the art of storytelling, allowing folks to share their experiences by crafting stories within a set time limit. The location of the Salt City Story Slam changes, and we’ll use this website to keep folks up-to-date!

Story-tellers can arrive early to events and place their names on a list. Judges will randomly pull story-tellers out of a hat, and one-by-one, story-tellers will take the mic (or the front seat). If you don’t sign up when you arrive but feel inspired after hearing others, the more the merrier! Everyone is always encouraged to tell a story. Story slam hosts will judge each story, and the winners go home with a goody bag filled with local homemade and handmade treats.


Let us know your thoughts!

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